We shall see the sky

Social Facelift

Hello again,

I’ve had a great couple of months. At Rambert we premiered a new work which we performed as part of a triple bill at Sadler’s Wells, and later in May I worked with Siobhan Davies Studios photographing during their festival What Remains… Anatomy of an Artist. I also gave my social media a facelift with the creation of a new collage which represents some of the great artists I have had the pleasure to work with over the past couple of years.

New collage for Stephen Wright Photography social media.

At Rambert we worked with Australian choreographer Lucy Guerin as she made her piece based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The result of 4 weeks intense creation was Tomorrow. The work is essentially 2 pieces running alongside one another. On stage right dancers reenact the play, which Guerin created with Carrie Cracknell for the Young Vic a couple of months prior, whilst the dancers on stage left physicalise and embody the psychological aspects of the infamous witches in Shakespeare’s dark play. It was great to have a work which demands such different performance styles, with the play side requiring subtlety and natural but readable gestures and the witches side requiring articulated and exaggerated stylised movement. The slick piece really came alive when all the elements converged on stage.


Tomorrow by Lucy Guerin performed by Rambert.


At the end of May I worked with Siobhan Davies Studios to photograph their festival in collaboration with Independent Dance, What Remains… Anatomy of an Artist. This was a two day event that provided a platform for 10 new works created around the festival’s theme represented as performances, installations, interventions, a workshop and a film screening. I had a fantastic time photographing this festival, and enjoyed having the ability to roam and shoot what I encountered. All the works were varied in content and style, so technically it was a challenge, but artistically it was very fulfilling.


We shall see the sky by Julie Cunningham performed as part of What Remains… Anatomy of an Artist at Siobhan Davies Studios.


In the coming month I have some very exciting projects to look forward to, and I can't wait to write about them in my next post.

Until then,