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Fuelled Flame


Rambert is back to work after a lovely summer break! Vanessa and I went back to Vanessa’s home country, Singapore where we had a wonderful time relaxing, exploring and indulging in the Singaporean’s favourite pastime, eating!
It was not my first trip over to Singapore, and it will certainly not be my last. Returning to London after these trips away always reinvigorates me. Visiting a country that has made itself an economic powerhouse despite celebrating only its 50th year a few weeks ago gives you the feeling that you can achieve anything!

So using my fuelled flame I went to shoot for Dancer/Choreographer Theo TJ Lowe. He recently performed An Emotion Is The Body's Reaction To The Mind as part of CreationBox London’s festival. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for Theo, it is always a privilege to capture a performer who is so emotionally involved in their work. He brings a purity and honesty to his performance which engulfs you, and leaves you wanting more.
Click Here for the full album.


An Emotion Is The Body's Reaction To The Mind, by Theo TJ Lowe. Click Here for the full album.


Before the Summer break I was commissioned to shoot during rehearsals for Didy Veldman’s The 3 Dancers at Rambert. This piece is to be premiered at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth on the 23rd September. I am looking forward to shooting more of this piece, the design by Kimie Nakano sounds very interesting.


The 3 Dancers, by Didy Veldman. Dancers, Miguel Altunaga Dane Hurst


More soon!



My First Blog

Hello World!

Firstly, thank you for coming to my website and taking the time to browse my site! I wanted to create a blog page, so I can write about my experiences as a dancer in touring repertoire company, Rambert, as well as upload and link my more personal pictures to this site. 

Soo, to get things started. Rambert dancers resumed work after the Christmas break on the 5th of January, in the studio with choreographer Alex Whitley. The process started a couple of weeks prior, with the company enjoying time to experiment with metal bars. These bars are then pinned together to create larger structures and yet more experimenting is required! These bars/structures are the primary basis of the piece aptly named 'Frames'.  Watching this piece being meticulously crafted by Whitley is thought provoking and inspiring. I am certain the end product will be a feast for the eyes! The piece has still a few more weeks in the studio as it won't be premiered until Theatre Royal, Glasgow in early March. I can't wait to take pictures of this piece, and I look forward to sharing them!

Take care, and speak soon,