The Casement Project

Studio Shooting


This month I am very happy to announce Stephen Wright Photography has taken a huge leap forwards, I am now the proud owner of Profoto studio lighting equipment, which will give huge amounts of creative freedom, organising my own shoots or realising someone's creative vision. I have had the great pleasure of working in the studio with Rambert’s talented new apprentice Jacob O’Connell, who was a finalist in 2015’s edition of BBC Young Dancer competition. We had a playful approach with the simple desire to create stunning images. Jacob has bags of talent, and you would be hard pressed to find something he can’t do - perfect subject! We were all very happy with the results and I am very proud to share these first images from our collaborative shoot.


Jacob O’Connell on set with Stephen Wright Photography.


Jacob O’Connell on set with Stephen Wright Photography.


Jacob O’Connell on set with Stephen Wright Photography.


Last month I was invited by Fearghus O’Conchuir to produce a production gallery for his recent work, The Casement Project. This was a fantastic opportunity to work with some amazing artistes, on what was a visually powerful piece. The work was based on the life of Roger Casement. Casement was knighted by the British government for his work exposing human rights abuses in the rubber trade of the Congo and of the Amazon, but his support for Irish nationalism during the First World War prompted his death sentence for high treason. The British government went on to publish his personal diaries, where Casement journaled his sexual encounters with other men in an attempt to discredit him. Fearghus’ work is a visual feast, that invites you on a personal journey with the performers.


The Casement Project choreographed by Fearghus O’Conchuir.


This month Rambert are on Summer break and Vanessa and I are about to embark our annual big trip. I will be taking my camera to document our travels. We are both looking forwards to having a rest and recoup ahead of next season.

Until next time,