Lake Konstanz

1st Photocall

Hello again,

It’s been quite some time since I last posted, and inevitably a lot has happened. I am well on my way to a full recovery from surgery. I am now a contributing photographer for the dance website, I have taken part in my first press photocall at Sadler’s Wells for Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s new piece for National Youth Dance Company, Frame[d]. Also my partner Vanessa and I had a wonderful mini break in Germany over the Easter weekend.

I am super happy to now be affiliated with DanceTabs, they have always been a resource I have used as a dancer. Their work ranges from publishing dance news, reviews, exclusive interviews, and the all important photo galleries! It was these galleries that I used to search for after opening night, wanting to see how the photographers had captured the piece, and get a new perspective on the piece I was performing in. To be on the other side shooting is a huge responsibility, as my gallery may be the only visual a viewer may have of the piece. I need to present the piece in a way that gives an accurate representation, but without sacrificing my own artistic credibility.
My dance photography will be mostly published via the DanceTabs website and can be found at this address, 


Tommy Hodgkins in, Frame[d] a Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui piece for National Youth Dance Company


Over the Easter weekend Vanessa and I went to Germany to visit Vanessa’s brother, who is spending a semester studying there. It was lovely to get out of London and see some beautiful countryside in the picturesque south western Germany. We set up base just outside Stuttgart and had excursions to the incredible Neuschwanstein Castle, and beautiful Lake Konstanz.
Neuschwanstein Castle has a truly magical aura about it. Built for the reclusive figure Ludwig II of Bavaria, as a homage to romanesque architecture and it is truly stunning. 


Neuschwanstein Castle. Little bit of trivia, not only is it one of the castles that inspired the Walt Disney castle, but it also featured in the children’s classic film, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!


I have a busy couple of weeks coming up, with shoots scheduled with choreographers, Theo Clinkard who’s piece will be performed at the Place this week (, Miguel Altunaga who is choreographing a duet for a charity gala, and another press photocall. 

More galleries will be coming soon!

All the best,