Jiaoxi Waterfalls

GMT +8


Last month Rambert dancers were on their summer holidays, a 4 week break from rehearsals and performing. Vanessa and I, we took the opportunity to fly back to Vanessa’s motherland, Singapore. In addition to this annual commute, we visited the utterly breathtaking Taiwan to spend time exploring the culture and scenic delights the country has to offer. There are only so many superlatives to describe this place so perhaps it is best summed up with images.


Qingshui Cliffs on Taiwan's east cost.


Elephant Mountain overlooking the iconic skyscraper, Taipei 101.


The breathtaking Jiaoxi Waterfalls.


Whilst in Singapore I had the great pleasure in photographing two of the country's dance companies, Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) and Frontier Danceland. Frontier Danceland is a contemporary repertoire company founded in 1991 that turned professional in 2011. It is a young company comprising of a mix of nationalities which add various flavours to the company's work. I was lucky enough to be in Singapore when Frontier Danceland were performing their annual Dancers’ Locker 2016, which gives the opportunity for company artistes to create and choreograph new works. In addition to the dancers’ works the company also performed Focus choreographed by Gabrielle Nankivell and Luke Smiles.


Adele Goh & Christina Chan performing in Frontier Danceland's Dancers' Locker 2016.


When I visited Singapore Dance Theatre they were in the final stages of rehearsals for their Masterpiece In Motion performances which premiered on 19th August at the Esplanade Theatre, Singapore. It was a great privilege to be in the studio when the dancers were so close to opening night. As a dancer myself I know how as the performance date looms your time in the studio becomes more precious, but the dancers of Singapore Dance Theatre were very relaxed and focussed and welcomed me into the studio with good spirits. The dancers were all fantastic and deserving of their international status.


Singapore Dance Theatre in Rehearsals for Masterpiece in Motion 2016.


I look forward to sharing more soon.