Next Chapter


A couple of weeks ago I received news that the injury I have been carrying for the past couple of years, and for which I had surgery for, has brought a premature end to my dancing career. In the new year I will officially be retiring from dance! As much as I have prepared for this eventuality, it has still been quite a shock. However, in the new year I will move into photography full-time and I can not wait to properly get started! 

Last week was very emotional for myself personally, Rambert was performing at Sadler’s Wells and unusually performing two separate programmes, Contemporaries and The Creation. These two programmes would mark the last time I would perform with my partner, Vanessa Kang, and also the last time my friends and family would see me perform on stage. For both reasons, these performances were very special and I am grateful to everyone involved for the incredible memories that I will hold dear.


The beautiful flowers gifted to me by my partner, Vanessa Kang at the end of my last performance on the Sadler's Wells stage.


The Contemporaries programme consisted of a triple bill of choreographers who were all ex-Rambert dancers turned choreographers; Malgorzata Dzierzon, Patricia Okenwa and Alexander Whitley. The three works were distinctive in their style and used the dancers in hugely different ways. As an evening’s work, the audiences were treated to the incredible versatility of the dancers. My personal favourite has to be that of Patricia Okenwa’s Hydrargyrum. I was a part of this work’s creation, I performed it at it’s premiere, watched the work as an audience member and have now performed it as part of my final London performance. I appreciate the work on so many levels, the vision and choreography of Patricia Okenwa, the Design (Jon Bausor) the Music (Aleksandra Vrebalov) and the Lighting (Charles Balfour) all come together to make a dance work unlike others. 
Beneath I have provided the link to my galleries I photographed for both Alexander Whitley's Frames and Patricia Okenwa's Hydrargyrum.


Edit Domoszlai and Miguel Altunaga in Malgorzata Dzierzon's work Flight performed by Rambert


Miguel Altunaga, Liam Francis, Vanessa Kang, Edit Domoszlai and Jacob O'Connell in Patricia Okenwa's work Hydrargyrum for Rambert.


Hannah Rudd and Miguel Altunaga in Alexander Whitley's work Frames for Rambert.


The latter half of the week was for the performances of Mark Baldwin’s, The Creation with music from Joseph Haydn’s epic score of the same name. This was Rambert’s largest production to date, featuring the full Rambert company, the 3rd year of Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, the Rambert Orchestra, the BBC Singers, the exquisite soloists Sarah Tynan (Soprano), James Gilchrist (Tenor) and Neal Davies (Bass), conducted by Paul Hoskins Design by Pablo Bronstein, Lighting by Mark Henderson. It is a long list of influential names and some seriously talented people. It was one of the performances that in years to come you can say, “I was there”!


Stephen Wright (me) and Vanessa Kang in Mark Baldwin's, The Creation for Rambert. Photo by Hugo Glendinning.


I will still be touring with Rambert for the upcoming month, and will be photographing a production gallery of Christopher Bruce’s 80’s classic and national favourite, Ghost Dances amongst other projects.

But until then,




As we headed into March, touring with Rambert was in full swing. Seven weeks of back to back touring involved long drives, late nights and tired bodies. During this time I photographed Carlos Pons Guerra during his week of Research & Development, got some shots of Rambert out on the road, and to finish off the month, Vanessa and I went to the Lake District where I was able to photograph the great outdoors!

At the start of March I was invited into the studio to shoot some behind the scenes images for Carlos Pons Guerra as he worked with 2 dancers Owen Thorne and Mark Kelly. He was joined in the studio by Peggy Olislaegers, the wonderfully talented and creative Dramaturge. Peggy’s role as Dramaturge is to help refine and challenge Carlos as he creates his work. This positive energy and creative conflict can really accelerate the refinement of ideas and produce a much more textured theme.


Owen Thorne & Mark Kelly working in the studio with Carlos Pons Guerra of DeNada Dance.


Rambert’s Spring tour came to a close in the seaside town of Brighton. I spoke about in my previous blog Time Flies, about the then upcoming premiere of Patricia Okenwa’s work, Hydrargyrum. These performances went fantastically well, and certainly became the highlight of my Spring tour. Also along the way, I used every opportunity to get my camera out and shoot the dancers during performances and in rehearsals. One of the venues allowed for an interesting new angle, so I set about in one of the performances capturing Alexander Whitley’s piece Frames. In the past I haven't been able to photograph this piece much, as the wings are covered to create an enclosed area for the dancers to perform inside. Fortunately, I had no such issues from the new spot!


Rambert during performance of Alexander Whitley’s work, Frames.


Finally, Vanessa and I put our Easter weekend to good use and took a trip to the breathtakingly beautiful Lake District. We spent our weekend going on long walks, relaxing in the local pubs and taking lots of pictures. It was a great weekend, and it was great to escape the city even for a short while. We came back feeling very recharged, and excited about what is next!


Vanessa in the Lake District.