David Haye

A New Year

Hello, and a belated Happy New Year to you! 

The past couple of months have been very interesting and fulfilling, filled with exciting new opportunities photographing celebrities, music videos and plenty of dance!

Just before Christmas I was contacted to photograph for David Haye for the unveiling of the Undercards in preparation for his comeback fight in January. As you may or may not know, David Haye is a two-time heavyweight world champion boxer, who after a hiatus of 3½ years made his return to the ring. I photographed the publicity head shots for the Undercard fighters with and without Haye, and also the Undercards whilst they did some Shadow Boxing. It was great to see the boxers in action. Being able to observe their movement, focus and energy in such close proximity, I felt invigorated by the opportunities to capture such high intensity dynamics. It is certainly something I will revisit, and I will be more than happy to share my shots.


Jose 'The Look' LopesWadi Camacho AKA Machoman’, Kayamba Prosper AKA Special K’.


Arriving into January, I took a trip up to Newcastle to photograph Fertile Ground in preparation for their upcoming tour and new season of work, Dancing the Road. Fertile Ground are a lovely small scale company, oozing with passion and vigour with dancers willing to experiment and be creative. When I met them, the dancers had only been working together as a group for just under a week, yet it was they interacted as with such ease and amongst themselves. I very much enjoyed spending the day shooting these dancers.


Emma Palmer & Niall Tyzack-Carlin promotional image for Fertile Ground.


Finally, and most recently I worked on set with NonZero Productions for a music video directed by James Holroyde. This was a very rewarding shoot, with the opportunity to capture both candid images from behind the scenes, and also atmospheric production images. Set in the basement of a London hotel, I was presented with some very interesting and visually impressive backdrops to create images with. We all had a great time on set, with plenty of laughs and jokes, but ultimately I was very happy with the results.


Vanessa Kang, on set with NonZero Productions.


Rambert are now out on tour for the Spring Tour, my camera is never far from my side, and I am very much looking forward to shooting some more of the company on the road. Watch this space!

Till next time,