Silver Lining


Every cloud has a silver lining, so they say. My cloud happened to be an injury, but my silver lining is the opportunity to work full time on my photography. 

This week I have been making trips back and forth to The Print Room, I’ve returned to shoot for Mbulelo Ndabeni, and also shoot for choreographer Kirill Burlov. These choreographers are ex-colleagues from Rambert and both have gifted movement vocabularies to draw from.

Ndabeni asked me to return to picture some Production shots for him, he had a location in mind and wanted to create something theatrical. With this brief, we set up and started shooting. This shoot lasted for all of about 20 minutes (due to it being rather chilly!), but we came away with plenty of keepers! 


Beholder of Beautychoreographed by Mbulelo Ndabeni with Mbulelo Ndabeni and Piedad Albarracin Seiquer.


I have had the pleasure of dancing for Burlov on many occasions when he made work during Rambert’s various choreographic platforms, so it was great to see him working on his new commission. His piece, Absinthe, is a duet danced by Burlov and London based dancer, Rob McNeil. These guys dancing together create an intensity that is awesome to watch, and great to photograph.


Absinthe, choreographed by Kirill Burlov, with Kirill Burlov and Rob McNeil.


All in all, things are going well! My hip is making a super speedy recovery, and I only need crutches when I am out and about (no more shooting on crutches!). I am being kept busy doing my rehabilitation at Rambert, as well as making the regular trips over to Notting Hill for The Print Room

Take care,