Patricia Okenwa & Christopher Bruce

Hello again,

Last week I wrote that Rambert would be working with Patricia Okenwa on her Research & Development. As promised, we experimented, worked with creative tasks and most importantly, we had fun playing.

Okenwa has a very relaxed style in the studio, full of laughs and smiles, making all the dancers feel comfortable and at ease. This approach is so important for creative processes, as it enables the ‘creative juices’ to flow uninhibited, without fear of judgement.

I was lucky enough to take some pictures during the week when the groups split up.


Choreographer Patricia Okenwa with assistant Stefano Rosato watching Liam Francis and Vanessa Kang rehearse a duet.


To stay true to Okenwa’s approach to movement, I tried to capture energy rather than form. Getting in close to the dancers and focusing on movement rather than positions, I feel, creates the intended results. Please click the button bellow to navigate to the full album on Flickr.


Miguel Altunaga and Julia Gillespie 


This week we focus on the Spring tour ahead, Rambert legend Christopher Bruce will be coming in to rehearse his piece, Rooster. Bruce comes in before most of our tours to ensure that absolutely everything is perfect. Fortunately, the dancers always rise to the occasion, making sure he leaves a happy choreographer!

Till next time,